The Ultimate Guide to Scientifically-Backed Coconut Oil Uses

Imagine a product that was so versatile it could find a home in your pantry, medicine cabinet, shower, cleaning supplies, or just about any room in your home. It could be used by old and young, [...]


5 Easy make-ahead breakfasts the whole family will love

When it comes to mornings, the last thing that’s probably on your mind is meal prep. You’ve got lunches to pack, kids to get dressed, yourself to look presentable. For busy people, breakfast is [...]


Finding convenient ways to eat healthy in today’s busy world

One of the biggest problems in modern society is that we simply don’t have enough hours in the day. Whether you’re a busy professional who can’t waste a single second of your day or a mom trying [...]


3 Tips to Staying Healthy While You Travel

School is out and the weather is warmer. Many of us – whether we are on summer break from college or looking forward to a much-needed vacation from work – are planning on traveling. While [...]


10 Summer Activities to Help You Stay Fit

The sun’s out, and you should be too! Put your gym membership on-hold and get outside. Do some fun summer activities to help you stay fit. Below are some activities that will get you vitamin D [...]


4 Reasons Why Your Diet Isn’t Working

Does this sound like you? It’s your third month dieting and you haven’t lost more than five pounds. What gives? Why isn’t your diet working? If you’re one of many who [...]


A Beginner’s Guide to Running

Thinking about running, but don’t know where to begin? Like most of us, our day leaves us exhausted, so why would you want to throw running in the mix? We all know that exercise is good for [...]

5 Leafy Greens Healthier Than Kale

Have you noticed kale has made a splash in our media lately? From kale chips to kale pesto, this leafy green vegetable is the poster board child for superfoods. But, is kale all that it’s hyped [...]


The Dangers of Sitting: Why You Need to Get Up and Move

Sitting. We all do it. Chances are, you’re reading this post while sitting down. Consider how much you sit in a day – when you’re eating breakfast, driving in your car, sitting at your office [...]


4 Signs You May Have a Food Intolerance

Do you live every day feeling constantly sick and run-down, and can’t figure out why? You may not realize it, but you could be battling a food intolerance. How do you know it’s not a food [...]

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