Delivery & Pickup


How it’s Delivered

Your order is packaged in an insulated tote-bag that is designed to keep your meals at safe temperatures. If you are not home or present for your delivery, we leave your order at the nearest entrance. Once you receive your order, refrigerate your meals.

If you are re-ordering we will recollect any tote-bags or icepacks that were left from your last order, simply leave them out when we exchange your next order.


The schedule

We deliver to Orange County every Monday morning and evening for free and have expedited delivery to OC for $10 every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Orders placed for delivery to Los Angeles is $10 and delivered over the night on Sundays and Tuesdays.


Your orders can now be picked up. Website functions to schedule a pickup is still not implemented but if you are interested in picking up your order instead then please email us at

We currently offer pickup at:
The Meal Prep HQ
and ProteinLab Brea


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